Great Are Your Works, Lord!Great Are Your Works, Lord!
Clarence VeldJan. 12, 2020Psalm 92:1-15; Psalm 92:5-1139:02
Inhumation: And He Laid Him In A TombInhumation: Laid In The Tomb
Clarence VeldJan. 12, 2020Mark 15:33-47; Mark 15:42-4736:26
A Song For The SabbathA Song For The Sabbath
Clarence VeldJan. 5, 2020Psalm 92:1-440:09
Crucifixion: Forsaken For MeCrucifixion: Forsaken For Me
Clarence VeldJan. 5, 2020Mark 15:21-41; Mark 15:33-4139:39