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Walnut Creek Baptist Church

Fred Ayers | Erie, Pennsylvania

The Joy of Sins ForgivenThe Joy of Sins Forgiven
Caleb LancasterOct. 28, 2020Psalm 3235:54 70+
How to Love God (Part 2)How to Love God (Part 2)
Fred AyersOct. 25, 2020Exodus 20:7-1147:55
The Illusion of HappinessThe Illusion of Happiness
Fred AyersOct. 21, 2020Ecclesiastes 6:1-1242:37
How to Love God (Part 1)How to Love God (Part 1)
Fred AyersOct. 18, 2020Exodus 20:1-646:19
A Winning PhilosophyA Winning Philosophy
Fred AyersOct. 14, 2020Ecclesiastes 5:8-2038:35 60+
When There Is No Way OutWhen There Is No Way Out
Fred AyersOct. 11, 2020Exodus 14:10-2934:50
Elements of WorshipElements of Worship
Fred AyersOct. 7, 2020Ecclesiastes 5:1-741:13 40+
Trusting God's LeadingTrusting God's Leading
Fred AyersOct. 4, 2020Exodus 13:1741:54
The Cycle of FailureThe Cycle of Failure
Fred AyersSept. 30, 202031:07
The Call of GodThe Call of God
Fred AyersSept. 27, 2020Exodus 3:1-1039:37
We Can't Go It AloneWe Can't Go It Alone
Fred AyersSept. 23, 2020Ecclesiastes 4:9-1239:58 50+
Running From GodRunning From God
Fred AyersSept. 20, 2020Exodus 2:11-2547:28 60+
The Inner Man UnleashedThe Inner Man Unleashed
Fred AyersSept. 16, 2020Ecclesiastes 4:1-836:23
Trusting God in Dire CircumstancesTrusting God in Dire..
Fred AyersSept. 13, 2020Exodus 140:13 50+
God's Plan RealizedGod's Plan Realized
Fred AyersSept. 6, 2020Genesis 45:1-1145:49 50+
A Season and PurposeA Season and Purpose
Fred AyersSept. 2, 2020Ecclesiastes 3:1-840:02 70+
To Stay or LeaveTo Stay or Leave
Fred AyersAug. 30, 2020John 6:60-7139:33 60+
Rejoicing in ChristRejoicing in Christ
Craig BrandickAug. 26, 20201 Peter 1:6-1334:46
The Hard Sayings of JesusThe Hard Sayings of Jesus
Fred AyersAug. 23, 2020John 6:52-6034:32 70+
A Look at Our PrioritiesA Look at Our Priorities
Fred AyersAug. 19, 2020Ecclesiastes 2:21-2637:02 40+
Whom the Father DrawsWhom the Father Draws
Fred AyersAug. 16, 2020John 6:41-5138:13 50+
God's Strength Takes OverGod's Strength Takes Over
Joshua MeltoAug. 12, 2020Exodus 1734:17
Unfolding the TruthUnfolding the Truth
Fred AyersAug. 9, 2020John 6:30-4039:54
A Long Term ViewA Long Term View
Fred AyersAug. 5, 2020Ecclesiastes 2:12-2136:39 60+