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1st Walnut Creek Baptist Church

Fred Ayers | Erie, Pennsylvania

Finding Satisfaction in ChristFinding Satisfaction in Christ
Fred AyersJan. 10, 2021Habakkuk 3:17-1941:01 40+
Now Is The TimeNow Is The Time
Fred AyersJan. 6, 2021Ecclesiastes 9:1-1233:17
God's Amazing GraceGod's Amazing Grace
Fred AyersJan. 3, 2021Titus 2:11-1441:59
Teach Us to Number Our DaysTeach Us to Number Our Days
Fred AyersDec. 27, 2020Psalm 90:10-1142:50
For Unto Us a Child Is BornFor Unto Us a Child Is Born
Fred AyersDec. 24, 2020Luke 2:10-1122:58 120+
What Christmas BringsWhat Christmas Brings
Fred AyersDec. 20, 2020Matthew 2:1-1235:39 40+
Finding Christ in ChristmasFinding Christ in Christmas
Caleb LancasterDec. 16, 2020Matthew 2:1-1238:04 50+
Unexpected ChangeUnexpected Change
Fred AyersDec. 15, 2020Matthew 2:13-1542:55 50+
Having the Long-Term ViewHaving the Long-Term View
Fred AyersDec. 9, 2020Ecclesiastes 8:10-1734:49 80+
Unmasking the TruthUnmasking the Truth
Fred AyersDec. 6, 2020John 7:10-2442:30 70+
A Wise PersonA Wise Person
Fred AyersDec. 2, 2020Ecclesiastes 8:1-928:44 40+
Encourage YourselfEncourage Yourself
Caleb LancasterNov. 29, 20201 Samuel 30:1-645:02
Having a Spirit of ThankfulnessHaving a Spirit of..
Fred AyersNov. 22, 2020Isaiah 12:1-634:40
3 Facts About Pain & Suffering3 Facts About Pain & Suffering
Fred AyersNov. 18, 2020Ecclesiastes 7:13-1822:19
The Unbelieving BrothersThe Unbelieving Brothers
Fred AyersNov. 15, 2020John 7:1-942:19
Advice For AdversityAdvice For Adversity
Fred AyersNov. 11, 2020Ecclesiastes 7:7-1440:50
Instructions On Loving One AnotherInstructions On Loving One..
Fred AyersNov. 8, 2020Exodus 20:12-1846:58 70+
How Do You See ThingsHow Do You See Things
Fred AyersNov. 4, 2020Ecclesiastes 7:1-638:43
Our Riches in ChristOur Riches in Christ
Denny AdkinsonNov. 1, 2020Ephesians 1:3-1442:33
The Joy of Sins ForgivenThe Joy of Sins Forgiven
Caleb LancasterOct. 28, 2020Psalm 3235:54 70+
How to Love God (Part 2)How to Love God (Part 2)
Fred AyersOct. 25, 2020Exodus 20:7-1147:55
The Illusion of HappinessThe Illusion of Happiness
Fred AyersOct. 21, 2020Ecclesiastes 6:1-1242:37
How to Love God (Part 1)How to Love God (Part 1)
Fred AyersOct. 18, 2020Exodus 20:1-646:19
A Winning PhilosophyA Winning Philosophy
Fred AyersOct. 14, 2020Ecclesiastes 5:8-2038:35 70+
When There Is No Way OutWhen There Is No Way Out
Fred AyersOct. 11, 2020Exodus 14:10-2934:50