Cling to Christ or DeathCling to Christ or Death
Joe AllynAug. 9, 20201 Corinthians 15:3-2643:29
Look to the Better TempleLook to the Better Temple
Joe AllynJuly 19, 20202 Chronicles 344:36
Serve the King of NationsServe the King of Nations
Joe AllynJuly 12, 20202 Chronicles 242:17
Look to the King of WisdomLook to the King of Wisdom
Joe AllynJuly 5, 20202 Chronicles 142:01
Give with Joy because He GaveGive with Joy because He Gave
Joe AllynJune 28, 20201 Chronicles 2945:44
Jesus is Chosen and BetterJesus is Chosen and Better
Joe AllynJune 21, 20201 Chronicles 2844:25
Skillful Services for the KingSkillful Services for the King
Joe AllynJune 14, 20201 Chronicles 2542:48
Numbers and NamesNumbers and Names
Joe AllynJune 7, 20201 Chronicles 2344:13