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Friendship: A World of LoveFriendship: A World of Love
Joel HartJan. 26, 2020Proverbs 17:9; Proverbs 17:1733:57
Becoming All Things to All PeopleBecoming All Things to All..
Zach SmithJan. 26, 20201 Corinthians 9:19-2335:53
Sovereign LORD, Established PlansSovereign LORD, Established..
Joel HartJan. 19, 2020Proverbs 16:1-3; Proverbs 16:932:34 40+
Hope: A Criminal Offense?Hope: A Criminal Offense?
James FarisJan. 19, 2020Acts 23:1247:15 40+
Coronation PreparationCoronation Preparation
Joel HartJan. 12, 2020Proverbs 14:15-1835:17
Take Courage; TestifyTake Courage; Testify
James FarisJan. 12, 2020Acts 22:2236:28
Be Reconciled to GodBe Reconciled to God
Dennis PrutowJan. 5, 20202 Corinthians 5:2035:27
A Cheerful Heart and Evil DaysA Cheerful Heart and Evil Days
Joel HartJan. 5, 2020Proverbs 15:13-1738:41
Desires FulfilledDesires Fulfilled
Joel HartDec. 22, 2019Proverbs 13:12-1934:53
The Birth of the Male ChildThe Birth of the Male Child
James FarisDec. 22, 2019Revelation 12:1-1745:21 40+
The Tongue on the Pathway of LifeThe Tongue on the Pathway
Joel HartDec. 15, 2019Proverbs 1236:33 40+
The Circumcision of JesusThe Circumcision of Jesus
James FarisDec. 15, 2019Luke 2:8-2131:55
A City Built by WordsA City Built by Words
Joel HartDec. 8, 2019Proverbs 11:9-1338:26 40+
The Will of the Lord Be DoneThe Will of the Lord Be Done
James FarisDec. 8, 2019Acts 21:1-1640:53
Righteous TreasuresRighteous Treasures
Joel HartDec. 1, 2019Proverbs 10:1-535:31
The Whole Counsel of GodThe Whole Counsel of God
James FarisDec. 1, 2019Acts 20:17-3839:44
The Lord is My ShepherdThe Lord is My Shepherd
Rich JohnstonNov. 24, 2019Psalm 23:1-628:59 40+
A Feast of WisdomA Feast of Wisdom
Joel HartNov. 24, 2019Proverbs 137:24
Marvel at His MajestyMarvel at His Majesty
Dennis PrutowNov. 17, 2019Jude 1:24-2535:16