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Sleeping Tight in the Lord's WisdomSleeping Tight in the Lord
Joel HartDec. 16, 2018Proverbs 3:13-2629:26
Given for YouGiven for You
James FarisDec. 16, 2018Luke 22:14-2336:56
I've Found the Lord: Now What?I've Found the Lord: Now What?
Joel HartDec. 9, 2018Proverbs 3:1-1240:35
The Gift of GivingThe Gift of Giving
James FarisDec. 9, 20181 Timothy 6:17-1944:42
The Path to the LandThe Path to the Land
Joel HartDec. 2, 2018Proverbs 2:1-2237:04
The Son of Man StandingThe Son of Man Standing
James FarisDec. 2, 2018Acts 7:54-60, Acts 8:1-433:58
Wisdom Cries AloudWisdom Cries Aloud
Joel HartNov. 25, 2018Proverbs 1:20-3336:52
God's Dwelling PlaceGod's Dwelling Place
James FarisNov. 25, 2018Acts 7:1-5439:16
How to Save Your LifeHow to Save Your Life
Joel HartNov. 18, 2018Proverbs 1:8-1933:05
Full of Grace and PowerFull of Grace and Power
James FarisNov. 18, 2018Acts 6:8-1531:57
The Way of Proverbs: Hear and FearThe Way of Proverbs:...
Joel HartNov. 11, 2018Proverbs 1:1-734:12
Jesus' Plan for OrganizationJesus' Plan for Organization
James FarisNov. 4, 2018Acts 6:1-742:09
Sinners in the Hands of a Just GodSinners in the Hands...
Joel HartOct. 28, 2018Ezra 940:10 50+
Honored to be DishonoredHonored to be Dishonored
James FarisOct. 28, 2018Acts 5:17-4239:33 40+
Added to the LordAdded to the Lord
James FarisOct. 21, 2018Acts 5:12-1636:34 40+
Behold Your KingBehold Your King
Dennis PrutowOct. 14, 2018John 19:1-1631:57
A Journal of the JourneyA Journal of the Journey
Joel HartOct. 14, 2018Ezra 8:1-3635:33 50+
The Beautiful House of GodThe Beautiful House of God
Joel HartOct. 7, 2018Ezra 7:11-2837:32 40+