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A Story of Grace and PeaceA Story of Grace and Peace
Joel HartFeb. 17, 20192 Corinthians 1:1-233:39
Jesus Christ Heals YouJesus Christ Heals You
James FarisFeb. 17, 2019Acts 9:31-4344:10
Saved to ServeSaved to Serve
James FarisFeb. 10, 2019Acts 9:19-3145:02
A Wisdom Worth FindingA Wisdom Worth Finding
Joel HartFeb. 3, 2019Proverbs 835:11
Who Are You, Lord?Who Are You, Lord?
James FarisFeb. 3, 2019Acts 9:1-1942:04
The Path to Death and the Way OutThe Path to Death and the
Joel HartJan. 27, 2019Proverbs 6:20-7:2739:31 40+
Good News About JesusGood News About Jesus
James FarisJan. 27, 2019Acts 8:26-4045:12
A Gazelle, an Ant, and My BrotherA Gazelle, an Ant, and
Joel HartJan. 20, 2019Proverbs 6:1-1937:22
Keeping the Home Fires Burning: Family WorshipKeeping the Home Fires Burning
James FarisJan. 13, 2019Leviticus 6:9-10, 1 Thessalonians 5:1745:07 40+
Blessed Be GodBlessed Be God
Nathan LeeJan. 13, 2019Ephesians 1:1-1449:20
Faithful SexualityFaithful Sexuality
Joel HartJan. 6, 2019Proverbs 5:1-2335:39 40+
Much Joy in that CityMuch Joy in that City
James FarisJan. 6, 2019Acts 8:4-2540:47
Proclaim Christ BoldlyProclaim Christ Boldly
Andrew BattiatoDec. 30, 2018Acts 5:17-4233:13 40+
A Bright Path for 2019A Bright Path for 2019
Joel HartDec. 30, 2018Proverbs 4:1-2737:14 50+
The Tree, The Creation - and Loving NeighborsThe Tree, The Creation
Joel HartDec. 23, 2018Proverbs 3:27-3539:19 50+
Not Home; Not AloneNot Home; Not Alone
James FarisDec. 23, 2018Matthew 1:1-2:2335:32
Sleeping Tight in the Lord's WisdomSleeping Tight in the Lord
Joel HartDec. 16, 2018Proverbs 3:13-2629:26
Given for YouGiven for You
James FarisDec. 16, 2018Luke 22:14-2336:56