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An Everlasting DominionAn Everlasting Dominion
James FarisSept. 27, 2020Daniel 4:1-3739:48
Our God Whom We ServeOur God Whom We Serve
James FarisSept. 20, 2020Daniel 3:1-3039:52
A Proper Meal of Honey & WaterA Proper Meal of Honey & Water
Joel HartSept. 20, 2020Proverbs 25:16-2733:32
Life in the King's CourtLife in the King's Court
Joel HartSept. 13, 2020Proverbs 25:1-1539:25
Worship the LambWorship the Lamb
Zach SmithSept. 6, 2020Revelation 14:1-525:21
Overcoming the CurseOvercoming the Curse
Joel HartSept. 6, 2020Proverbs 24:23-3438:23
Eternal PreparationsEternal Preparations
Zach SmithAug. 30, 20202 Corinthians 4:16-1831:30
Promoted to ServicePromoted to Service
James FarisAug. 30, 2020Daniel 2:46-4933:31
The Legacy Costs of SendingThe Legacy Costs of Sending
James FarisAug. 23, 2020Philippians 4:10-20; Romans 15:30-3330:25
God's Global MissionGod's Global Mission
Andrew BattiatoAug. 23, 2020Romans 15:8-2141:01
A House of Wisdom for a Day of TroubleA House of Wisdom for a Day..
Joel HartAug. 16, 2020Proverbs 24:3-2236:13 50+
Living the DreamLiving the Dream
James FarisAug. 16, 2020Daniel 2:25-4536:10 40+
Buy Wisdom Not FollyBuy Wisdom Not Folly
Joel HartAug. 9, 2020Proverbs 23:19-3536:37
Build on the Victory of JesusBuild on the Victory of Jesus
Aaron MurrayAug. 9, 2020Luke 4:1-1328:43
Your Only HopeYour Only Hope
Joel HartAug. 2, 2020Proverbs 23:1-1841:24
The God Who Reveals MysteriesThe God Who Reveals Mysteries
James FarisAug. 2, 2020Daniel 2:1-2435:34
A Pleasant LifeA Pleasant Life
Joel HartJuly 26, 2020Proverbs 22:17-2931:42 40+
Daniel Was ThereDaniel Was There
James FarisJuly 26, 2020Daniel 1:2136:06