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A Sage's Wisdom for LifeA Sage's Wisdom for Life
Joel HartNov. 29, 2020Proverbs 30:10-3337:02
A Word of Mercy for the WearyA Word of Mercy for the Weary
James FarisNov. 29, 2020Daniel 9:20-2741:46
A Sage's Encounter with GodA Sage's Encounter with God
Joel HartNov. 22, 2020Proverbs 30:1-936:11
Seeking God by PrayerSeeking God by Prayer
James FarisNov. 22, 2020Daniel 9:1-1937:00
On Parenting, Discipline, and WisdomOn Parenting, Discipline,..
Joel HartNov. 15, 2020Proverbs 29:15-2742:55 40+
Where Does A Nation Go From Here?Where Does A Nation Go From..
Joel HartNov. 8, 2020Proverbs 29:1-1636:49
The Dominion of God's PeopleThe Dominion of God's People
James FarisNov. 8, 2020Daniel 7:1-2838:40
Nothing to HideNothing to Hide
Joel HartNov. 1, 2020Proverbs 28:12-2841:29
Bold Like LionsBold Like Lions
Joel HartOct. 18, 2020Proverbs 28:1-1240:34
The Son of Man's DominionThe Son of Man's Dominion
James FarisOct. 18, 2020Daniel 7:1-2840:51 40+
Take Care of Your Herds!Take Care of Your Herds!
Joel HartOct. 11, 2020Proverbs 27:23-2731:53
Your God Delivers YouYour God Delivers You
James FarisOct. 11, 2020Daniel 6:1-2841:31
Friendship of the SoulFriendship of the Soul
Joel HartOct. 4, 2020Proverbs 27:1-2237:39
You Have Been WeighedYou Have Been Weighed
James FarisOct. 4, 2020Daniel 5:1-3140:34
An Everlasting DominionAn Everlasting Dominion
James FarisSept. 27, 2020Daniel 4:1-3739:48
Our God Whom We ServeOur God Whom We Serve
James FarisSept. 20, 2020Daniel 3:1-3039:52
A Proper Meal of Honey & WaterA Proper Meal of Honey & Water
Joel HartSept. 20, 2020Proverbs 25:16-2733:32