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The Word of Truth, The GospelThe Word of Truth, The Gospel
James FarisFeb. 21, 2021Colossians 1:1-831:55
What to FearWhat to Fear
Dan StrongFeb. 14, 2021Luke 12:4-3439:44
Wait, There's More!Wait, There's More!
James FarisFeb. 14, 2021Romans 5:1-1137:43
Do You Know Him?Do You Know Him?
Matthew BarnesFeb. 7, 2021Matthew 7:15-2728:29
Born to LoveBorn to Love
Joel HartFeb. 7, 20211 Peter 1:2240:39
Wisdom, Weeping, WorshipWisdom, Weeping, Worship
Joel HartJan. 31, 2021Psalm 4139:22
Fear as the Father's ChildrenFear as the Father's Children
Joel HartJan. 31, 20211 Peter 1:17-2139:24
Time for Holy ExilesTime for Holy Exiles
Joel HartJan. 24, 20211 Peter 1:10-1638:52
The Wise Shall UnderstandThe Wise Shall Understand
James FarisJan. 24, 2021Daniel 12:5-1338:05
Your People Shall Be DeliveredYour People Shall Be Delivered
James FarisJan. 17, 2021Daniel 12:1-431:05
When You Were BornWhen You Were Born
Joel HartJan. 17, 20211 Peter 1:3-940:14 57
From Exile to ExilesFrom Exile to Exiles
Joel HartJan. 10, 20211 Peter 1:1-241:13 52
The People Who Know Their GodThe People Who Know Their God
James FarisJan. 10, 2021Daniel 11:137:18 47
Sharing the Gospel, Sharing OurselvesSharing the Gospel, Sharing..
Brad JohnstonDec. 27, 20201 Thessalonians 2:1-1650:48
Be Strong and of Good CourageBe Strong and of Good Courage
James FarisDec. 27, 2020Daniel 10:1-2139:54
The Excellent Woman (pt 2)The Excellent Woman (pt 2)
Joel HartDec. 20, 2020Proverbs 31:10-3138:00
The Father's Beloved SonThe Father's Beloved Son
James FarisDec. 20, 2020Luke 2:136:37
The Excellent Woman (pt 1)The Excellent Woman (pt 1)
Joel HartDec. 13, 2020Proverbs 31:10-3144:05
A Mouth That ServesA Mouth That Serves
Joel HartDec. 6, 2020Proverbs 31:1-938:09