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The God Who Will Be HeardThe God Who Will Be Heard
James FarisMay 9, 20212 Kings 236:28
Sir, We Would See JesusSir, We Would See Jesus
Tre CranfordMay 9, 2021John 12:20-2641:09
The Centrality of LoveThe Centrality of Love
Andrew B.May 2, 2021Matthew 22:35-4033:46
Put OffPut Off
James FarisMay 2, 2021Colossians 3:4-1129:03
Rest for Your SoulsRest for Your Souls
Taylor BradburyApril 25, 2021Matthew 11:28-3030:02
Raised With ChristRaised With Christ
James FarisApril 25, 2021Colossians 2:2039:58
Stand Strong Against SatanStand Strong Against Satan
Joe AllynApril 18, 2021Ephesians 6:10-2035:39
The Substance Belongs to ChristThe Substance Belongs to..
James FarisApril 18, 2021Colossians 2:16-1934:11
The Lord Our RefugeThe Lord Our Refuge
Jerry FoltzApril 11, 2021Psalm 5:1-1251:10
Do Not Be DeceivedDo Not Be Deceived
James FarisApril 11, 2021Colossians 2:8-1531:56
Imputation or Exertion?Imputation or Exertion?
Aaron MurrayApril 4, 2021Romans 4:1-2524:00
Alive Forevermore!Alive Forevermore!
James FarisApril 4, 2021Isaiah 6:1-7; Revelation 1:12-1830:49
Walk in HimWalk in Him
James FarisMarch 28, 2021Colossians 2:6-729:49
The Nature of True HappinessThe Nature of True Happiness
Donald CassellMarch 21, 2021Psalm 134:43 41
Everyone Mature in ChristEveryone Mature in Christ
James FarisMarch 21, 2021Colossians 1:2430:41 50
The Preeminence of Jesus ChristThe Preeminence of Jesus..
James FarisMarch 14, 2021Colossians 1:15-2330:46
Farming AdviceFarming Advice
Bryan DageMarch 7, 2021Isaiah 28:23-2922:35
Who You AreWho You Are
Joel HartMarch 7, 20211 Peter 2:9-1035:04
Stones on the CornerstoneStones on the Cornerstone
Joel HartFeb. 28, 20211 Peter 2:4-839:55