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Dr. Richard D. Phillips | Greenville, South Carolina

Mark 3:13-21Mark 3:13-21
Dr. Richard D. PhillipsOct. 18, 2017Mark 3:13-2135:0840+
The Present Reality of JustificationReality of Justification
Dr. Richard D. PhillipsOct. 15, 2017Galatians 2:15-2152:2590+
The Just and JustifierThe Just and Justifier
Dr. Ligon DuncanOct. 15, 2017Romans 3:21-2831:5770+
Second's 125th HistorySecond's 125th History
Melton L. DuncanOct. 15, 201747:59
Verse by Verse through HebrewsVerse by Verse through Hebrews
Dr. Richard D. PhillipsOct. 15, 2017Hebrews 7:11-286:51