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Saintfield Baptist Church

Pastor Stephen Moffitt | Saintfield, Northern Ireland

Mary MagdaleneMary Magdalene
Pastor Stephen MoffittJan. 14, 2018Mark 16:1-1335:16
Jacob a Father StirredJacob a Father Stirred
Pastor Stephen MoffittJan. 14, 2018Genesis 45:24-2836:52
Words of AlleviationWords of Alleviation
Pastor Stephen MoffittJan. 7, 2018Luke 23:44-4934:30
The Aftermath of Advent part 2The Aftermath of Advent part 2
Pastor Stephen MoffittJan. 7, 2018Luke 2:8-2035:57
A Cry of AccomplishmentA Cry of Accomplishment
Pastor Stephen MoffittDec. 31, 2017John 19:28-3432:24