The Holy OneThe Holy One
Pastor David LipsyMay 19, 2019Isaiah 40:2564:56
The Lord's CommissionThe Lord's Commission
Rev. Pieter van der HoekMay 19, 2019Acts 8:3850:37
The Time BetweenThe Time Between
Pastor David LipsyMay 12, 2019John 20:30-3159:44
Head-Crushing VictoryHead-Crushing Victory
Rev. Pieter van der HoekMay 9, 20191 Samuel 17:3253:00 90+
Walking Before The LordWalking Before The Lord
Rev. Pieter van der HoekMay 5, 2019Genesis 17:1; James 2:2355:48
Go In This Thy MightGo In This Thy Might
Pastor David LipsyMay 5, 2019Judges 6:1448:58