Our Devotion to Christ's BrideOur Devotion to Christ's Bride
Conrad MbeweAug. 21, 2014Acts 2:41-4742:15 1.4k
The Mission of Christ's BrideThe Mission of Christ's Bride
William VanDoodewaardAug. 22, 2014Acts 1:6-953:19 1.1k
The Unity and Diversity of Christ's Beautiful BrideUnity & Diversity of the Bride
Dr. David P MurrayAug. 22, 20141 Corinthians 1259:14 1.7k
Christ's Bride United with Her Bridegroom in GloryChrist's Bride in Glory
Conrad MbeweAug. 23, 2014Revelation 2153:16 2.4k
Preaching To and Shepherding Christ's BrideShepherding Christ's Bride
Dr. Michael BarrettAug. 23, 2014Leviticus58:54 1.7k
Q&A SessionQ&A Session
Various SpeakersAug. 23, 201464:33 1.4k
The Bride's Beautiful DisciplineThe Bride's Discipline
Dr. David P MurrayAug. 23, 201437:38 1.3k
The Healthy Holiness of Christ's BrideThe Holiness of the Bride
Dr. Michael BarrettAug. 23, 201463:52 1.3k