The Beauty of Isaiah's ServantThe Beauty of Isaiah's Servant
Dr. David P MurrayAug. 30, 201059:17 940+
Jesus; Master of the StormJesus; Master of the Storm
David CarmichaelAug. 30, 201055:33 850+
Jesus; Master of StressJesus; Master of Stress
David CarmichaelAug. 30, 201052:39 1.1k
Hallelujah to the Triumphant ChristHallelujah to Christ
Dr. James GrierAug. 30, 201048:36 1.0k
The Investiture of the LambThe Investiture of the Lamb
Dr. James GrierAug. 30, 201045:56 840+
The Glory of Christ's IncarnationGlory of Christ's Incarnation
Dr. Richard D. PhillipsAug. 30, 201055:28 800+
Christology in Marrow TheologyChristology in Marrow Theology
William VanDoodewaardAug. 30, 201068:53 970+
Calvin, Kuyper, and PoliticsChistology and Politics
Ray PenningsAug. 30, 201064:43 1.5k