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Dr. Steven J. Lawson | Dallas, Texas

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The Confession TestThe Confession Test
Dr. Steven J. LawsonSept. 9, 20211 John 1:965:11 2.1k
When a Christian SinsWhen a Christian Sins
Dr. Steven J. LawsonSept. 2, 20211 John 1:971:44 2.7k
Bringing Sin to LightBringing Sin to Light
Dr. Steven J. LawsonAug. 26, 20211 John 1:5-856:47 2.3k
Confessing the True ChristConfessing the True Christ
Dr. Steven J. LawsonAug. 19, 20211 John 1:1-468:16 2.9k
Absolute AssuranceAbsolute Assurance
Dr. Steven J. LawsonAug. 12, 20211 John 161:18 3.7k
The Grand and Glorious FinaleThe Grand and Glorious Finale
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJune 17, 2021Romans 16:25-2759:49 3.4k
Paul's Ministry TeamPaul's Ministry Team
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJune 10, 2021Romans 16:21-2370:19 1.9k
When Trouble Comes to ChurchWhen Trouble Comes to Church
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJune 3, 2021Romans 16:17-2067:11 2.3k
People MatterPeople Matter
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 27, 2021Romans 16:13-1665:38 1.9k
No Little PeopleNo Little People
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 20, 2021Romans 16:8-1265:01 1.8k
Trophies of GraceTrophies of Grace
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 13, 2021Romans 16:5-766:24 2.1k
The Dynamic DuoThe Dynamic Duo
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 29, 2021Romans 16:3-558:59 2.2k
A Servant of the ServantsA Servant of the Servants
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 1, 2021Romans 16:1-265:16 3.5k
A Request for PrayerA Request for Prayer
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMarch 25, 2021Romans 15:30-3366:47 2.6k
Driven and DeterminedDriven and Determined
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMarch 11, 2021Romans 15:22-2963:34 2.5k
Holy AmbitionHoly Ambition
Dr. Steven J. LawsonFeb. 25, 2021Romans 15:20-2160:33 2.3k
Marks of an Excellent MinisterMarks of an Excellent Minister
Dr. Steven J. LawsonFeb. 11, 2021Romans 15:14-2157:41 1.3k
Accept One AnotherAccept One Another
Dr. Steven J. LawsonFeb. 4, 2021Romans 15:7-1361:58 1.1k
A Prayer for UnityA Prayer for Unity
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJan. 28, 2021Romans 15:5-662:20 1.5k
An Appeal for UnityAn Appeal for Unity
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJan. 21, 2021Romans 15:1-478:04 912
The Reformers, Part VThe Reformers, Part V
Dr. Steven J. LawsonDec. 10, 202060:27 497
The Reformers, Part IVThe Reformers, Part IV
Dr. Steven J. LawsonDec. 3, 202064:36 949
The Reformers, Part IIIThe Reformers, Part III
Dr. Steven J. LawsonNov. 12, 202060:05 970
The Reformers, Part IIThe Reformers, Part II
Dr. Steven J. LawsonNov. 5, 202066:44 1.1k
The Reformers, Part IThe Reformers, Part I
Dr. Steven J. LawsonOct. 30, 202063:43 1.2k
When Rights Are WrongWhen Rights Are Wrong
Dr. Steven J. LawsonOct. 18, 2020Romans 14:18-2358:13 986
Kingdom LivingKingdom Living
Dr. Steven J. LawsonOct. 1, 2020Romans 14:1766:53 735
Liberty, Legalism, and LoveLiberty, Legalism, and Love
Dr. Steven J. LawsonSept. 24, 2020Romans 14:13-1671:37 1k
The Judgment Seat of GodThe Judgment Seat of God
Dr. Steven J. LawsonSept. 17, 2020Romans 14:10-1262:24 992
A Dispute Over DaysA Dispute Over Days
Dr. Steven J. LawsonSept. 10, 2020Romans 14:5-965:15 1.2k
Weak Believer, Strong BelieverWeak Believer, Strong Believer
Dr. Steven J. LawsonAug. 13, 2020Romans 14:1-464:20 358
The Urgency of the HourThe Urgency of the Hour
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJuly 30, 2020Romans 13:11-1465:40 339
Love Without LimitsLove Without Limits
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJune 11, 2020Romans 13:8-1064:17 264
What You Owe the GovernmentWhat You Owe the Government
Dr. Steven J. LawsonJune 4, 2020Romans 13:5-763:31 295
God and GovernmentGod and Government
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 28, 2020Romans 13:1-466:34 386
Supernatural ChristianitySupernatural Christianity
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 21, 2020Romans 12:19-2175:20 294
Painfully Practical ChristianityPainfully Practical..
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 14, 2020Romans 12:14-1862:22 335
When Christianity Gets RealWhen Christianity Gets Real
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMay 7, 2020Romans 12:9-1379:21 385
Grace to Serve OthersGrace to Serve Others
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 30, 2020Romans 12:3-869:45 384
A Transformed LifeA Transformed Life
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 23, 2020Romans 12:253:02 387
Living on the AltarLiving on the Altar
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 16, 2020Romans 12:1-251:44 317
To God Be the GloryTo God Be the Glory
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 9, 2020Romans 11:3650:08 381
The Sovereignty of GodThe Sovereignty of God
Dr. Steven J. LawsonApril 2, 2020Romans 11:3655:46 439
The Autonomy of GodThe Autonomy of God
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMarch 26, 2020Romans 11:3549:01 401
The Inscrutability of GodThe Inscrutability of God
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMarch 19, 2020Romans 11:33-3464:26 378
Unexpected MercyUnexpected Mercy
Dr. Steven J. LawsonMarch 12, 2020Romans 11:28-3270:39 410
The Future Salvation of IsraelThe Future Salvation of Israel
Dr. Steven J. LawsonFeb. 27, 2020Romans 11:23-2764:42 479
Tree-mendous TheologyTree-mendous Theology
Dr. Steven J. LawsonDec. 12, 2019Romans 11:22-2467:36 393
The Pride-CrusherThe Pride-Crusher
Dr. Steven J. LawsonDec. 5, 2019Romans 11:17-2167:03 480
The Mystery of HistoryThe Mystery of History
Dr. Steven J. LawsonNov. 13, 2019Romans 11:11-1655:12 350