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How Does Music Affect the Worship of God?How Does Music Affect Worship?
Pastor Jeff PollardNov. 16, 2014Revelation 4:1196:52 718
Singleness Is a Picture of Something GreaterSingleness
Scott T. BrownNov. 15, 2014Matthew 19:10-1465:12 2.5k
Can We Use Any Form of Music to Worship God?Can We Use Any Form of Music?
Pastor Jeff PollardNov. 15, 20141 Corinthians 1473:11 807
The Text: from the Apostles to the ReformationApostles to Reformation
Jeff RiddleNov. 14, 20142 Timothy 1:13-1477:11 633
Does Music Really Affect Us?Does Music Really Affect Us?
Pastor Jeff PollardNov. 14, 2014John 17:16-1769:12 794
The Christian Family - Corporate Worship, a Means to GrowthCorporate Worship
Scott T. BrownNov. 13, 2014Isaiah 40:14; Isaiah 40:1565:58 514