The Christian CharacterThe Christian Character
Paul GibsonOct. 27, 2013Matthew 5:1-1231:35 44
Blessed are those who mournBlessed are those who mourn
Paul GibsonNov. 17, 2013Matthew 5:434:04
Blessed are the meekBlessed are the meek
Paul GibsonDec. 1, 2013Matthew 5:535:20
Blessed are the mercifulBlessed are the merciful
Paul GibsonFeb. 2, 2014Matthew 5:729:19
Blessed are the pure in heartBlessed are the pure in heart
Paul GibsonFeb. 9, 2014Matthew 5:828:00
Blessed are the PeacemakersBlessed are the Peacemakers
Paul GibsonMarch 2, 2014Matthew 5:930:12