Praying By and With the SpiritPraying By and With the Spirit
James HakimSept. 20, 2023Romans 8:26-2732:02 159
Spirit-Given Longing for PerfectionLonging for Perfection
James HakimSept. 13, 2023Romans 8:23-2527:50 157
Creation-Care for a Cosmos in LaborCreation-Care for this Cosmos
James HakimSept. 6, 2023Romans 8:19-2229:04 101
The Triune Blessedness of Our AdoptionTriune Blessed Adoption
James HakimAug. 16, 2023Romans 8:14-1537:46 67
Spirit-Born KillersSpirit-Born Killers
James HakimAug. 9, 2023Romans 8:12-1336:25 32
God's Triune Glory in Our VivificationTriune Glory in Vivification
James HakimJuly 19, 2023Romans 8:9-1134:57 32
Which of the Two Types of People Are You?The Two Types of People
James HakimJuly 12, 2023Romans 8:5-831:32 53
Solving the Puzzle of Remaining SinThe Puzzle of Remaining Sin
James HakimJune 21, 2023Romans 7:13-2032:38 57
Holy Ever AfterHoly Ever After
James HakimMay 31, 2023Romans 7:1-432:29 112
How Christians Must Think of ThemselvesHow We Must Think of Ourselves
James HakimApril 26, 2023Romans 6:1140:10 157
Freed from Sin by Triune GraceFreed from Sin by Triune Grace
James HakimApril 5, 2023Romans 6:1-743:20 159
The King of the Grace EmpireThe King of the Grace Empire
James HakimMarch 29, 2023Romans 5:2144:02 107
A New State in ChristA New State in Christ
James HakimMarch 15, 2023Romans 5:1933:14 40
A New Standing before God in ChristA New Standing before God
James HakimMarch 8, 2023Romans 5:1837:25 66