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How Brotherly Love Continues (Heb 13:22-25)How Brotherly Love Continues
James HakimJuly 22, 2018Hebrews 13:22-2545:55 50+
Praying to the God of PeacePraying to the God of Peace
James HakimJuly 15, 2018Hebrews 13:18-2150:28 40+
How Jesus Gets Us Ready for GloryHow Jesus Gets Us Ready
James HakimJuly 8, 2018Hebrews 13:7-1758:33
True Love Modeled and EnabledTrue Love Modeled and Enabled
James HakimJuly 1, 2018Hebrews 13:5-635:20
How The Family ActsHow The Family Acts
James HakimJune 24, 2018Hebrews 13:1-450:07 70+
Grace-Based Worship is Reverential and AwedGrace-Based Worship
James HakimJune 17, 2018Hebrews 12:28-2961:31 40+
See That You Do Not Refuse Him!See That You Do Not Refuse Him
James HakimJune 10, 2018Hebrews 12:25-2751:49 50+
How the Father Brings Heaven's Children HomeHow Father Brings Us Home
James HakimMay 20, 2018Hebrews 12:3-11; Romans 8:15-1954:38 70+
Would You be Happy in Heaven?Would You be Happy in Heaven?
James HakimMay 13, 2018Hebrews 12:1-254:33 70+
We Have a Greater RewardWe Have a Greater Reward
James HakimMay 6, 2018Hebrews 11:29-4049:14
Faith Lives in Light of the ResurrectionFaith in Light of Resurrection
James HakimApril 22, 2018Hebrews 11:17-2251:39 40+
Faith's Home is in GodFaith's Home is in God
James HakimApril 8, 2018Hebrews 11:8-1645:22
Faith's Reward is God HimselfFaith's Reward is God Himself
James HakimMarch 25, 2018Hebrews 11:1-757:29 50+
Glorious Love and Glorious WrathGlorious Love and Glorious..
James HakimMarch 18, 2018Hebrews 10:26-3941:01 80+
Why We Gather on the Lord's DayWhy We Gather on Lord's Day
James HakimMarch 11, 2018Hebrews 10:19-2545:15
Look to Jesus' GloryLook to Jesus' Glory
James HakimMarch 4, 2018Hebrews 10:11-1835:09 100+
Trust in Christ for Forgiveness and MercyTrust in Christ for Mercy
James HakimFeb. 25, 2018Hebrews 10:1-1045:12 70+
Christ's Death Changes EverythingChrist's Death
James HakimFeb. 18, 2018Hebrews 9:16-2853:00 40+
Baptism for a Clean Conscience before God (Heb 9:11-15)Baptism for a Clean Conscience
James HakimFeb. 11, 2018Hebrews 9:11-15; 1 Peter 3:18-2261:28 50+
Gloriously Perfect New Covenant (Heb 8)Glorious, Perfect New Covenant
James HakimJan. 28, 2018Hebrews 8; Acts 2:17-3549:53 50+