YOU Are the Moron! (Only the Real God Really Saves)YOU Are the Moron!
James HakimAug. 9, 2020Genesis 31:17-3538:09 120+
You Need Jesus More Than You Can See Or KnowWhat You Don't See
James HakimAug. 2, 2020Genesis 31:1-1659:50 90+
The Groom's Determination to Obtain His BrideThe Groom's Determination..
James HakimJuly 5, 20202 Peter 3:4-13; Genesis 29:13-3057:16 140+
God's Sustaining and Surprising GraceA Sustaining, Surprising Grace
James HakimJune 28, 2020Genesis 29:1-1248:55 120+
The God Who Meets Us, and Is with Us, in ChristThe God Who Is with Us
James HakimJune 21, 2020Genesis 28:10-2242:40 50+
Kingdom Blessings, Now and ForeverBlessings Now and Forever
James HakimApril 26, 2020Genesis 25:1-1861:08 90+
Godly Leadership in the Home: Communication, Consideration, and ConsecrationGodly Home Leadership
James HakimJan. 5, 2020Ephesians 5:22; Genesis 24:29-5854:40 130+
Married by Faith: Directed by, Dependent upon, and Devoted unto GodMarriage by Faith
James HakimDec. 8, 2019Genesis 24:1-9; Malachi 2:14-1643:20 160+
Your Best Life Later: Prioritizing Our Life by Redemption and ResurrectionYour Best Life Later
James HakimDec. 1, 2019Genesis 22:20; Hebrews 11:17-1949:53 120+
God Is With You in All That You Do: Faith Feels It and Shows It, So Others See ItGod Is With You in All You Do
James HakimNov. 17, 20191 Corinthians 7:29-31; Genesis 21:22-3449:42 120+