The Lord Who Strikes Himself to Save UsGod Takes the Rod for Sinners
James HakimMarch 27, 2022Exodus 17:1-715:34 81
Remembering God's Saving, Personal GraceRemembering God's Grace
James HakimMarch 20, 2022Exodus 16:31-3615:50 62
Miraculous, Daily, Weekly, GraceOutpouring of Grace
James HakimMarch 13, 2022Exodus 16:8-3018:13 50
Paradise with God or Perish without HimParadise with God or Perish
James HakimFeb. 27, 2022Exodus 15:22-2712:44 33
Right Where God Wants UsRight Where God Wants Us
James HakimFeb. 6, 2022Exodus 13:1721:37 64
Signs of Consecration for Lives of ConsecrationSigns of Consecration
James HakimJan. 30, 2022Exodus 13:1-1615:16 86
How God Uses Our PersecutorsHow God Uses Our Persecutors
James HakimJan. 16, 2022Exodus 12:29-3614:41 58
Happy New (Salvation) Year!Happy New (Salvation) Year!
James HakimJan. 9, 2022Exodus 12:1-2818:32 69
God's Determination to Make Us Know HimGod Insists on Our Knowing Him
James HakimDec. 19, 2021Exodus 10:1-2017:11 67