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Walk Wisely and Redeem the TimeWalk Wisely and Redeem the..
Wesley TylerAug. 9, 2020Ephesians 5:15-1748:28
Lights and The LordLights and The Lord
Wesley TylerAug. 2, 2020Ephesians 5:6-1439:23
Light or DarknessLight or Darkness
Wesley TylerJuly 26, 2020Ephesians 5:646:15
Wesley TylerJuly 19, 2020Ephesians 5:1-557:43
Imitators of GodImitators of God
Wesley TylerJuly 12, 2020Ephesians 5:1-240:24
Dangers of a Bitter HeartDangers of a Bitter Heart
Wesley TylerJuly 5, 2020Ephesians 4:25-3241:02
Sinful Anger Part 1Sinful Anger Part 1
Wesley TylerJune 21, 2020Ephesians 458:27
Put on Put off Part 2Put on Put off Part 2
Wesley TylerJune 14, 2020Ephesians 4:2551:53
Walk This WayWalk This Way
Wesley TylerMay 31, 2020Ephesians 4:17-2450:28
Which Way Will You WalkWhich Way Will You Walk
Wesley TylerMay 24, 2020Ephesians 4:1747:49 60+
All Children Must GrowAll Children Must Grow
Wesley TylerMay 17, 2020Ephesians 4:14-1657:48 140+
The Ascension was EssentialThe Ascension was Essential
Wesley TylerMay 3, 2020Ephesians 4:7-1347:07 80+
Walking in UnityWalking in Unity
Wesley TylerApril 26, 2020Ephesians 4:2-654:13
Walking in a Worthy MannerWalking in a Worthy Manner
Wesley TylerApril 19, 2020Ephesians 4:152:04
Bowing The KneeBowing The Knee
Wesley TylerApril 12, 2020Ephesians 3:14-2142:48
The Lord ReignsThe Lord Reigns
Wesley TylerApril 5, 2020Psalm 9353:02 50+
The Mystery of ChristThe Mystery of Christ
Wesley TylerMarch 29, 2020Ephesians 3:1-1344:05 50+
A Strong FoundationA Strong Foundation
Wesley TylerMarch 15, 2020Ephesians 2:19-2247:27 40+
Formally Far Off, Now Brought NearFormally Far Off, Now..
Wesley TylerMarch 8, 2020Ephesians 2:11-2247:35
A Brief Overview of Church DisciplineA Brief Overview of Church..
Wesley TylerMarch 1, 2020Hebrews 12:4-2938:24
Prayer and the Power of GodPrayer and the Power of God
Wesley TylerFeb. 2, 2020Ephesians 1:15-2355:58 50+
The Sealing of The Holy SpiritThe Sealing of The Holy Spirit
Wesley TylerJan. 26, 2020Ephesians 1:11-1441:00 130+
There is a RedeemerThere is a Redeemer
Wesley TylerJan. 19, 2020Ephesians 1:7-1040:58 110+