From Law to FaithFrom Law to Faith
Robert LuffMay 19, 2019Galatians 3:22-2645:41
The Sin of Being a Respecter of PersonsBeing a Respecter of Persons
Pastor Randy CookMay 19, 2019James 2:1-445:58
Saved By Faith in God's PromiseSaved By Faith
Robert LuffMay 12, 2019Genesis 12-1844:55
When You Do Good and SufferWhen You Do Good and Suffer
Robert LuffMay 12, 20191 Peter 2:18-2450:17
Three Tests of True ReligionThree Tests of True Religion
Pastor Randy CookMay 5, 2019James 1:26-2748:18
The Promise and the SeedThe Promise and the Seed
Robert LuffApril 28, 2019Galatians 3:15-2536:57
The Spiritual Mirror- God's WordThe Spiritual Mirror
Pastor Randy CookApril 28, 2019James 1:22-2545:42 40+
Amazing GraceAmazing Grace
Robert LuffApril 21, 201942:46 40+
The Lamb's SupperThe Lamb's Supper
Robert LuffApril 14, 2019Exodus 12:1-3040:13 80+
Listening, Speaking, and SeethingListening, Speaking, Seething
Pastor Randy CookApril 7, 2019James 1:18-2041:35 40+
Redeemed from the Curse!Redeemed from the Curse!
Robert LuffMarch 31, 2019Galatians 3:6-1441:05 40+
The Goodness of GodThe Goodness of God
Pastor Randy CookMarch 31, 2019James 1:16-1745:10 50+
The Anatomy of TemptationThe Anatomy of Temptation
Pastor Randy CookMarch 24, 2019James 1:13-1540:27 50+
How Not to Continue in Your Christian LifeHow Not to Continue
Robert LuffMarch 17, 2019Galatians 3:1-945:47
Trials and PerseveranceTrials and Perseverance
Pastor Randy CookMarch 17, 2019James 1:1245:00 60+
The Christian's Eye ChartThe Christian's Eye Chart
Robert LuffMarch 10, 20192 Corinthians 5:737:47
Life by Co-CrucifixionLife by Co-Crucifixion
Robert LuffMarch 10, 2019Galatians 2:19-2146:01 90+
Truth Worth Fighting ForTruth Worth Fighting For
Robert LuffFeb. 24, 2019Galatians 2:11-1940:02 40+
Prayer and WisdomPrayer and Wisdom
Pastor Randy CookFeb. 24, 2019James 1:5-849:05 80+
The Church's Solemn CallingThe Church's Solemn Calling
Robert LuffFeb. 17, 2019Galatians 2:1-1048:45 60+
Wisdom is the Principal ThingWisdom is the Principal Thing
Pastor Randy CookFeb. 17, 2019James 1:5-841:40 110+
The Gospel's Divine Origin ProvedThe Gospel's Divine Origin
Robert LuffFeb. 10, 2019Galatians 1:11-2:335:37
What to Pray When You Don't Know HowWhat to Pray
Robert LuffFeb. 10, 2019Psalm 10753:09