Whatever Things Are LovelyWhatever Things Are Lovely
Robert LuffNov. 17, 2019Philippians 4:849:05
Seize the Opportunity To Do Good Part 1Seize the Opportunity
Robert LuffNov. 11, 2019Galatians 6:7-834:43
The Accountability of the RichThe Accountability of the Rich
Pastor Randy CookNov. 10, 2019James 5:1-647:52
Overcoming Presumptuous SinsOvercoming Presumptuous Sins
Pastor Randy CookNov. 3, 2019James 4:13-1750:06
Sharing Burdens and BlessingsSharing Burdens and Blessings
Robert LuffOct. 27, 2019Galatians 6:1-645:38
Speak Not Evil One of AnotherSpeak Not Evil One of Another
Pastor Randy CookOct. 27, 2019James 4:11-1246:52
Come Thou Fount of Every BlessingCome Thou Fount
Robert LuffOct. 20, 2019John 4:21-2450:22
Genuinely RepentingGenuinely Repenting
Pastor Randy CookOct. 20, 2019James 4:8-1045:59
The Fruit of the SpiritThe Fruit of the Spirit
Robert LuffOct. 13, 2019Galatians 5:22-2342:18
Before the VictoryBefore the Victory
Robert LuffOct. 13, 20192 Chronicles 20:1-3052:58
Resisting the DevilResisting the Devil
Pastor Randy CookOct. 6, 2019James 4:753:38
The Works of the FleshThe Works of the Flesh
Robert LuffSept. 29, 2019Galatians 5:19-2148:58
Submitting and ResistingSubmitting and Resisting
Pastor Randy CookSept. 29, 2019James 4:750:22 40+
Love Your Neighbor by the SpiritLove Your Neighbor
Robert LuffSept. 22, 2019Galatians 5:16-2643:47
He Giveth More GraceHe Giveth More Grace
Pastor Randy CookSept. 22, 2019James 4:4-640:35 40+
What Real Freedom Looks LikeWhat Real Freedom Looks Like
Robert LuffSept. 15, 2019Galatians 5:13-1525:37 40+
Asking, Receiving, and PrayingAsking, Receiving, and Praying
Pastor Randy CookSept. 15, 2019Matthew 7:7-1139:13 40+
The Intolerant CrossThe Intolerant Cross
Robert LuffSept. 8, 2019Galatians 5:7-1239:55
Vital Essentials of Praying CorrectlyEssentials of Praying
Pastor Randy CookSept. 8, 2019James 4:1-338:22 40+
Resolving Spiritual ConflictsResolving Spiritual Conflicts
Pastor Randy CookAug. 25, 2019James 4:1-343:23 40+
The Characteristics of Genuine FaithGenuine Faith
Robert LuffAug. 18, 2019Galatians 5:1-646:37 40+
The Wisdom From AboveThe Wisdom From Above
Pastor Randy CookAug. 18, 2019James 3:13-1851:52 50+
Sarah's Children in Hagar's World: Part 2Sarah's Children: Part 2
Robert LuffAug. 11, 2019Galatians 4:21-3148:32
Spiritual Discernment About WisdomSpiritual Discernment
Pastor Randy CookAug. 11, 2019James 3:13-1849:06 50+