The Beauty of Grace-Saturated JusticeGrace-Saturated Justice
Robert LuffJan. 19, 20202 Samuel 12:1-2547:14 60+
Calling for the EldersCalling for the Elders
Pastor Randy CookJan. 19, 2020James 5:13-1647:55
How to Live a Happy LifeHow to Live a Happy Life
Robert LuffJan. 12, 2020Psalm 149:38
The Prayer of FaithThe Prayer of Faith
Pastor Randy CookJan. 12, 2020James 5:13-1837:25
Think with Christ's MindThink with Christ's Mind
Robert LuffJan. 5, 2020Philippians 1:9-1053:47
Running the Race and Knowing ChristRunning the Race
Pastor Randy CookDec. 29, 2019Philippians 3:7-1443:26
God's Light and Jesus' BirthGod's Light and Jesus' Birth
Pastor Randy CookDec. 22, 2019Matthew 2:1-1238:59
The Unlikely VictorThe Unlikely Victor
Robert LuffDec. 15, 2019Judges 647:40
You Shall Call His Name JesusYou Shall Call His Name Jesus
Robert LuffDec. 15, 2019Matthew 1:18-2548:04
Crucifixion Over CircumcisionCrucifixion Over Circumcision
Robert LuffDec. 8, 2019Galatians 6:11-1844:10 50+
Our Lord's ComingOur Lord's Coming
Pastor Randy CookDec. 8, 2019James 5:7-848:54
Seize the Opportunity to Do Good: Part 2Seize the Opportunity: Part 2
Robert LuffNov. 24, 2019Galatians 6:9-1037:55 60+
Patient Until His ComingPatient Until His Coming
Pastor Randy CookNov. 24, 2019James 5:7-843:54
Whatever Things Are LovelyWhatever Things Are Lovely
Robert LuffNov. 17, 2019Philippians 4:849:05
The Accountability of the RichThe Accountability of the Rich
Pastor Randy CookNov. 10, 2019James 5:1-647:52
Overcoming Presumptuous SinsOvercoming Presumptuous Sins
Pastor Randy CookNov. 3, 2019James 4:13-1750:06
Sharing Burdens and BlessingsSharing Burdens and Blessings
Robert LuffOct. 27, 2019Galatians 6:1-645:38 40+
Speak Not Evil One of AnotherSpeak Not Evil One of Another
Pastor Randy CookOct. 27, 2019James 4:11-1246:52
Come Thou Fount of Every BlessingCome Thou Fount
Robert LuffOct. 20, 2019John 4:21-2450:22
Genuinely RepentingGenuinely Repenting
Pastor Randy CookOct. 20, 2019James 4:8-1045:59 50+
The Fruit of the SpiritThe Fruit of the Spirit
Robert LuffOct. 13, 2019Galatians 5:22-2342:18 40+
Before the VictoryBefore the Victory
Robert LuffOct. 13, 20192 Chronicles 20:1-3052:58
Resisting the DevilResisting the Devil
Pastor Randy CookOct. 6, 2019James 4:753:38 40+