How Does God Meet Our NeedsHow Does God Meet Our Needs
Pastor Randy CookNov. 11, 2018Philippians 4:1937:08
Assurance in the BloodAssurance in the Blood
Robert LuffNov. 4, 20181 John 1:7-2:250:00 40+
The Offense of IdolatryThe Offense of Idolatry
Robert LuffOct. 28, 2018Exodus 32-3354:46 40+
God's Sufficiency and My NeedsGod's Sufficiency and My Needs
Pastor Randy CookOct. 28, 2018Philippians 4:1925:24 60+
An Intercessor for IdolatersAn Intercessor for Idolaters
Robert LuffOct. 14, 2018Exodus 32:1-2450:15 40+
Doing All Things Through ChristDo All Things Through Christ
Pastor Randy CookOct. 14, 2018Philippians 4:12-1934:18 50+
Pastor Randy CookOct. 7, 2018Philippians 4:10-1239:10
God's View of WorkGod's View of Work
Robert LuffSept. 30, 2018Exodus 3142:16
Living Justly and HumblyLiving Justly and Humbly
Pastor Randy CookSept. 30, 2018Philippians 4:8-1034:13 40+
The PriestmakerThe Priestmaker
Robert LuffSept. 23, 2018Exodus 2951:37
Whatsoever is TrueWhatsoever is True
Pastor Randy CookSept. 23, 2018Philippians 4:843:26
Thinking and TruthThinking and Truth
Pastor Randy CookSept. 16, 2018Philippians 4:826:25
Think on These ThingsThink on These Things
Pastor Randy CookSept. 9, 2018Philippians 4:8, 931:02
Rejoicing and PrayingRejoicing and Praying
Pastor Randy CookSept. 2, 2018Philippians 4:4-743:52 50+
The Shadow of ChristThe Shadow of Christ
Robert LuffAug. 26, 2018Exodus 25:23-30:3853:21
Blessed Are The PeacemakersBlessed Are The Peacemakers
Pastor Randy CookAug. 26, 2018Philippians 4:1-344:47
Meeting the God of MajestyMeeting the God of Majesty
Robert LuffAug. 19, 2018Exodus 25:10-22, Leviticus 1650:28
He Is Coming AgainHe Is Coming Again
Pastor Randy CookAug. 19, 2018Philippians 3:20, 2141:29
The Word Dwelt Among UsThe Word Dwelt Among Us
Robert LuffAug. 12, 2018Exodus 25-4051:26
Growing and MaturingGrowing and Maturing
Pastor Randy CookAug. 12, 2018Philippians 3:15-2146:21
Running and MaturingRunning and Maturing
Pastor Randy CookAug. 5, 2018Philippians 3:12-1641:09
The God Who Is PresentThe God Who Is Present
Robert LuffJuly 29, 2018Exodus 23:20-24:1851:51
Pressing on to Know Our LordPressing on to Know Our Lord
Pastor Randy CookJuly 29, 2018Philippians 3:12-1446:03