No Confidence in the FleshNo Confidence in the Flesh
Pastor Randy CookJune 17, 2018Philippians 3:1-643:37
Holy God, Responsible PeopleHoly God, Responsible People
Robert LuffJune 10, 2018Exodus 21:28-22:1747:26
Circumcision or ConcisionCircumcision or Concision
Pastor Randy CookJune 10, 2018Philippians 3:1-343:07
Hold Such in High RegardHold Such in High Regard
Pastor Randy CookJune 3, 2018Philippians 2:25-3046:49
Justice for Unjust PeopleJustice for Unjust People
Robert LuffMay 27, 2018Exodus 21:12-2753:42
No Man LikemindedNo Man Likeminded
Pastor Randy CookMay 27, 2018Philippians 2:19-2443:29
Selfless Love in Complex RelationshipsComplex Relationships
Robert LuffMay 20, 2018Exodus 21:1-1150:47
Shining as LuminariesShining as Luminaries
Pastor Randy CookMay 20, 2018Philippians 2:14-1642:34
First Things FirstFirst Things First
Robert LuffMay 13, 2018Exodus 20:22-2641:20
Working Out What God is WorkingWorking What God is Working
Pastor Randy CookMay 13, 2018Philippians 2:12-1641:20
Striving Together for the Faith of the GospelStriving Together
Pastor Randy CookMay 6, 2018Philippians 1:27-3042:45
To Live is Christ To Die is GainLive is Christ To Die is Gain
Pastor Randy CookApril 29, 2018Philippians 1:21-2645:46
The Fear of God ParadoxThe Fear of God Paradox
Robert LuffApril 22, 2018Exodus 20:18-2143:59
Christ Be MagnifiedChrist Be Magnified
Pastor Randy CookApril 22, 2018Philippians 1:15-2048:30
Choosing Christ as the PriorityChoosing Christ as the..
Timothy HarrisApril 15, 2018Luke 10:38-4233:40
The Root of CovetousnessThe Root of Covetousness
Robert LuffApril 15, 2018Exodus 20:1750:05
Inheriting Reliable PromisesInheriting Reliable Promises
Robert LuffApril 8, 2018Joshua 14:6-1532:33
Love God, Love TruthLove God, Love Truth
Robert LuffApril 8, 2018Exodus 20:1650:27
The Resurrection Hope In ChristThe Resurrection Hope In..
Pastor Randy CookApril 1, 20181 Peter 1:3-649:06 40+
Honoring God as GiverHonoring God as Giver
Robert LuffMarch 25, 2018Exodus 20:1545:10
Perfect World, Evil HeartsPerfect World, Evil Hearts
Robert LuffMarch 18, 2018Revelation 20:7-1032:16 40+
Covenant Love Trumps LustCovenant Love Trumps Lust
Robert LuffMarch 18, 2018Exodus 20:1451:58
Valuing God's Image in ManValuing God's Image in Man
Robert LuffMarch 11, 2018Exodus 20:1345:04
Circumspectly Understanding of CircumstancesUnderstanding of Circumstances
Pastor Randy CookMarch 4, 2018Philippians 1:1259:09
Honor Your Father and SaviorHonor Your Father and Savior
Robert LuffFeb. 25, 2018Exodus 20:1240:09