The Church's Storming of the Gates of HellChurch's Storming of the Gates
John M. OtisMarch 30, 2014Matthew 16:1849:27 230+
The Futility of Asking For SignsFutility of Asking For Signs
John M. OtisMarch 9, 2014Matthew 16:1-1255:06 190+
Valuing What God Sees As Most ImportantValuing What Is Most Important
John M. OtisMarch 2, 2014Matthew 15:15-2052:57 170+
The Tyranny of Man's Traditions Over God's LawThe Tyranny of Man's Tradition
John M. OtisFeb. 23, 2014Matthew 15:1-1452:00 200+
Can't You See Who Jesus Really Is?Can't You See Who Jesus Is?
John M. OtisJan. 14, 2014Matthew 13:53-5852:16 130+
Parables Promising Great Growth For God's KingdomParables Promising Growth
John M. OtisDec. 29, 2013Matthew 13:31-3561:31 130+
If You Are the Wrong Soil You Are CondemnedIf You Are the Wrong Soil...
John M. OtisDec. 15, 2013Matthew 13:1-2377:27 110+
Jesus' Words Either Reveal or Conceal TruthJesus' Words
John M. OtisDec. 6, 2013Matthew 13:1-1747:46 130+
Is Christ More Important Than Blood Relationships?Is Christ More Important...?
John M. OtisNov. 26, 2013Matthew 12:46-5044:15 120+
An Evil Generation Seeks SignsAn Evil Generation Seeks Signs
John M. OtisNov. 24, 2013Matthew 12:38-4555:59 140+
Our Speech Reveals Our HeartOur Speech Reveals Our Heart
John M. OtisNov. 10, 2013Matthew 12:33-3745:11 140+
What Is the Unforgivable Sin?What Is the Unforgivable Sin?
John M. OtisNov. 3, 2013Matthew 12:30-3257:06 140+
The Binding of SatanThe Binding of Satan
John M. OtisOct. 27, 2013Matthew 12:22-2967:05 200+
Is the Sabbath Still For Us?Is the Sabbath Still For Us?
John M. OtisOct. 18, 2013Matthew 12:1-1349:21 210+
Curses and Blessings Concerning JesusCurses and Blessings
John M. OtisOct. 11, 2013Matthew 11:12-3066:17 170+
The Greatness of John the BaptistGreatness of John the Baptist
John M. OtisOct. 5, 2013Matthew 11:1-1168:47 120+
The Meaning of DiscipleshipThe Meaning of Discipleship
John M. OtisSept. 22, 2013Matthew 10:24-4257:01 130+
The Meaning of DiscipleshipThe Meaning of Discipleship
John M. OtisSept. 22, 2013Matthew 10:24-42
Persecution of the First Gospel PreachersPersecution of First Preachers
John M. OtisSept. 15, 2013Matthew 10:16-2358:37 160+
Christian Perspective on US Engagement in SyriaUS Engagement in Syria
John M. OtisSept. 6, 20132 Chronicles 19:1-223:29 180+
Faith That Broke Through With JesusFaith That Broke Through
John M. OtisAug. 25, 2013Matthew 9:18-3547:52 90+
Jesus Came To Call Sinners To RepentanceJesus Came To Call Sinners
John M. OtisAug. 18, 2013Matthew 9:1-1752:59 100+