The End of the SongThe End of the Song
Blake LawJune 28, 2023Song of Solomon 8:13-1440:28 41
What Shall We Do for Our Sister?What Shall We Do for Our Sis..
Blake LawMarch 29, 2023Song of Solomon 8:8-942:34 10
The Church's JealousyThe Church's Jealousy
Blake LawFeb. 22, 2023Song of Solomon 8:6-736:12 32
O That Thou Wer't as My BrotherO That Thou Wer't as My Brot..
Blake LawNov. 16, 2022Song of Solomon 8:1-442:54 27
Get into the Vineyards EarlyGet into the Vineyards Early
Blake LawOct. 12, 2022Song of Solomon 7:10-1342:33 28
The Lips of Those that Are Asleep SpeakThe Lips of Those that Are..
Blake LawAug. 10, 2022Song of Solomon 7:1-951:34 64
Return O ShulamiteReturn O Shulamite
Blake LawJuly 24, 2022Song of Solomon 6:11-1337:09 128
Fair, Clear, and TerribleFair, Clear, and Terrible
Blake LawJune 29, 2022Song of Solomon 6:4-1046:13 128
Chiefest Among Ten ThousandChiefest Among Ten Thousand
Blake LawFeb. 2, 2022Song of Solomon 5:9-1642:21 108
My Soul Failed When He SpakeMy Soul Failed When He Spake
Blake LawDec. 29, 2021Song of Solomon 5:1-839:49 108
A Garden Enclosed for ChristA Garden Enclosed for Christ
Blake LawDec. 22, 2021Song of Solomon 4:8-1647:08 114
The All Fair ChurchThe All Fair Church
Blake LawNov. 14, 2021Song of Solomon 4:1-741:48 54
The Glad Day of Christ's EspousalsThe Glad Day of Christ's..
Blake LawNov. 10, 2021Song of Solomon 3:6-1140:05 38
What if Christ is Difficult to Find?What if Christ is Difficult..
Blake LawJune 16, 2021Song of Solomon 3:1-537:09 83
Christ to the Church: Let Me See Thy CountenanceChrist to the Church: Let..
Blake LawMay 23, 2021Song of Solomon 2:14-1745:45 108
What is His Banner Over You?What is His Banner Over You?
Blake LawJan. 27, 2021Song of Solomon 2:3-739:42 134
The Rose of Sharon and the Lily Among the ThornsThe Rose of Sharon and the..
Blake LawJan. 20, 2021Song of Solomon 2:1-240:32 110
The Church is Fair and PleasantThe Church is Fair and..
Blake LawDec. 23, 2020Song of Solomon 1:15-1740:38 54
Christ: Myrrh and Camphire to the ChurchChrist: Myrrh and Camphire..
Blake LawDec. 16, 2020Song of Solomon 1:11-1440:54 116
Comforted by Christ and Furnished with His GiftsComforted by Christ and..
Blake LawOct. 7, 2020Song of Solomon 1:8-1149:38 92
Undeterred From Seeking Christ's RestUndeterred From Seeking..
Blake LawSept. 30, 2020Song of Solomon 1:5-744:56 78
Better than Wine: Christ's Love for the ChurchBetter than Wine
Blake LawAug. 5, 2020Song of Solomon 1:1-453:00 133