Jesus Has Overcome the WorldJesus Has Overcome the World
Jeremy TwombleyJune 30, 2024John 16:25-3346:03 20
I Will See You AgainI Will See You Again
Jeremy TwombleyJune 23, 2024John 16:16-2446:26 11
The World Hates YouThe World Hates You
Jeremy TwombleyJune 2, 2024John 15:18-16:448:22 26
Jesus is the VineJesus is the Vine
Jeremy TwombleyMay 26, 2024John 15:1-1753:20 32
I Will Not Leave You As OrphansI Will Not Leave You
Jeremy TwombleyMay 19, 2024John 14:15-3149:32 34
Believe in God; Believe Also in MeBelieve in God; Believe Also..
Jeremy TwombleyMay 5, 2024John 14:1-1453:05 48
Where I Am Going You Cannot ComeWhere I Am Going You Cannot..
Jeremy TwombleyApril 28, 2024John 13:31-3851:55 46
One of You Will Betray MeOne of You Will Betray Me
Jeremy TwombleyApril 14, 2024John 13:18-3047:33 43
Servant King, Servant People Servant King, Servant People
Jeremy TwombleyApril 7, 2024John 13:1-1748:41 42
They Still Did Not Believe In HimThey Still Did Not Believe I..
Jeremy TwombleyMarch 10, 2024John 12:37-5054:31 72
The Triumphal EntryThe Triumphal Entry
Jeremy TwombleyJan. 28, 2024John 12:9-1947:24 69
Deep Devotion to JesusDeep Devotion to Jesus
Jeremy TwombleyJan. 21, 2024John 12:1-853:40 59
Jesus is the Resurrection and the LifeJesus is the Resurrection an..
Jeremy TwombleyDec. 31, 2023John 11:1-4459:05 75
You, Being A Man, Make Yourself GodYou, Being A Man, Make Yours..
Jeremy TwombleyDec. 17, 2023John 10:19-4258:47 75
Jesus is the Good ShepherdJesus is the Good Shepherd
Jeremy TwombleyDec. 3, 2023John 10:1-1847:45 85
Jesus is the Light of the WorldJesus is the Light of the Wo..
Jeremy TwombleyNov. 19, 2023John 951:37 58
"Before Abraham was, I AM""Before Abraham was, I AM"
Jeremy TwombleyNov. 5, 2023John 8:48-5951:09 85
Who Is Your Father?Who Is Your Father?
Jeremy TwombleyOct. 22, 2023John 8:37-4752:42 70
The Son Who Sets Us FreeThe Son Who Sets Us Free
Jeremy TwombleyOct. 8, 2023John 8:31-3653:03 91
There Was Division Among the People Over Him There Was Division Among the..
Jeremy TwombleySept. 24, 2023John 7:40-5249:43 80
Rivers of Living WaterRivers of Living Water
Jeremy TwombleySept. 3, 2023John 7:37-3945:53 73