Working Out Your SalvationWorking Out Your Salvation
Dr. Jeffery LandisJuly 12, 2020Philippians 2:12-1838:29
Following Jesus in Humility and ServiceFollowing Jesus in Humility..
Dr. Jeffery LandisJuly 5, 2020Philippians 2:1-1140:33 40+
Living as Citizens of Heaven in the ChurchLiving as Citizens of..
Dr. Jeffery LandisJune 28, 2020Philippians 2:1-441:34 80+
Living As Citizens of HeavenLiving As Citizens of Heaven
Dr. Jeffery LandisJune 21, 2020Philippians 1:27-3045:56 40+
God's Holiness and Civil HopeGod's Holiness and Civil Hope
Mark SoudJune 14, 2020Micah 7:18-2037:07
The Advantages of a Christ-Centered LifeThe Advantages of a..
Dr. Jeffery LandisJune 7, 2020Philippians 1:18-2638:52 40+
Divine Empowerment for Salvation and WitnessDivine Empowerment for..
Mark SoudMay 31, 2020Acts 1:4-9; Acts 2:1-2147:37
It Worked Out for GoodIt Worked Out for Good
Dr. Jeffery LandisMay 17, 2020Philippians 1:12-1835:39 40+
Paul's Joyful Prayer for the PhilippiansPaul's Joyful Prayer for..
Dr. Jeffery LandisMay 10, 2020Philippians 1:3-1140:31
The Lord Greets His ChurchThe Lord Greets His Church
Dr. Jeffery LandisMay 3, 2020Philippians 1:1-236:48 40+
Priorities for a Pandemic - Part 2Priorities for a Pandemic..
Dr. Jeffery LandisApril 25, 2020Philippians 4:4-733:44 40+
Priorities for a PandemicPriorities for a Pandemic
Dr. Jeffery LandisApril 18, 2020Philippians 4:4-739:02 40+
Remember Who is in ControlRemember Who is in Control
Dr. Jeffery LandisApril 4, 2020Isaiah 46:8-1139:06 70+
The Last WordThe Last Word
Dr. Jeffery LandisMarch 29, 2020Malachi 4:1-631:20 80+
Rejoicing in God's Provision and PresenceRejoicing in God's..
Mark SoudMarch 22, 2020Joel 2:23-2744:06 40+
Cleansing for the FilthyCleansing for the Filthy
Dr. Jeffery LandisMarch 15, 2020Zechariah 3:1-1040:15 120+
Get the Right Priorities!Get the Right Priorities!
Dr. Jeffery LandisMarch 8, 2020Haggai 1:1-1134:34 60+
Judgment on the Church's EnemiesJudgment on the Church's..
Dr. Jeffery LandisMarch 1, 2020Obadiah 1:10-1532:37 40+
When God Seems UnfairWhen God Seems Unfair
Dr. Jeffery LandisFeb. 23, 2020Habakkuk 3:1-1940:15 50+
The Day of the LordThe Day of the Lord
Dr. Jeffery LandisFeb. 16, 2020Zephaniah 1:1-1339:35 40+
A Song of JudgmentA Song of Judgment
Dr. Jeffery LandisFeb. 9, 2020Nahum 1:1-833:51 40+
A Covenant LawsuitA Covenant Lawsuit
Dr. Jeffery LandisFeb. 2, 2020Micah 6:1-843:16 50+
An Unfaithful Wife and ChurchAn Unfaithful Wife and Church
Dr. Jeffery LandisJan. 26, 2020Hosea 1:1-9; Hosea 3:1-538:53 40+