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Community Baptist Church

David Whitcomb | Greer, South Carolina

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Godly Goals For The ChurchGodly Goals For The Church
David WhitcombSept. 27, 2020Colossians 1:9-1241:57
I Will Show You!I Will Show You!
David WhitcombSept. 27, 2020Job 1545:57
God Honors Those Who Honor HimGod Honors Those Who Honor Him
Dr. Gerald L. PriestSept. 20, 2020Daniel 1; Daniel 640:45
Be Careful How You JudgeBe Careful How You Judge
Andrew LeeSept. 20, 2020Matthew 7:1-644:28
Keeping It RealKeeping It Real
Ron GlassSept. 13, 2020Matthew 6:1-1952:05
What Do You Treasure?What Do You Treasure?
Andrew LeeSept. 13, 2020Matthew 6:19-3440:56
Plan to WinPlan to Win
David WhitcombSept. 6, 2020Ephesians 6:10-1250:08
Let Them Sing For JoyLet Them Sing For Joy
David WhitcombAug. 30, 2020Psalm 542:56
The Worthy Walk At WorkThe Worthy Walk At Work
David WhitcombAug. 23, 2020Ephesians 6:5-944:12
The Worthy Walk At HomeThe Worthy Walk At Home
David WhitcombAug. 16, 2020Ephesians 6:1-454:16 40+
If God Is Just, Why...?If God Is Just, Why...?
David WhitcombAug. 16, 2020Job 844:05
Husbands In The ChurchHusbands In The Church
David WhitcombAug. 9, 2020Ephesians 5:25-3344:36
The Bitter Soul SpeaksThe Bitter Soul Speaks
David WhitcombAug. 9, 2020Job 649:40
Wives In The ChurchWives In The Church
David WhitcombAug. 2, 2020Ephesians 5:22-2449:34
God Is Just In ReproofGod Is Just In Reproof
David WhitcombAug. 2, 2020Job 450:00 40+
The Life I Now LiveThe Life I Now Live
David WhitcombJuly 26, 2020Galatians 2:2040:01
The Depths Of DiscouragementThe Depths Of Discouragement
David WhitcombJuly 26, 2020Job 349:06 40+
Walking In LightWalking In Light
David WhitcombJuly 19, 2020Ephesians 5:11-2151:28
When Friends Can't SeeWhen Friends Can't See
David WhitcombJuly 19, 2020Job 1:650:17 40+
Walk Like Christ - Part 2Walk Like Christ - Part 2
David WhitcombJuly 12, 2020Ephesians 5:3-1047:17
God And His Servant JobGod And His Servant Job
David WhitcombJuly 12, 2020Job 1:1-5; Job 38:1-351:34
Walk Like Christ-part 1Walk Like Christ-part 1
David WhitcombJuly 5, 2020Ephesians 5:1-1039:35