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Battle Focused Ministries

Robert S. Sims | Washington, DC

Scriptures for Spiritual WarfareSpiritual Warfare Scriptures
Robert SimsApril 11, 20142 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:1260:56 3.1k
Prayer Warriors | The Good Fight of Faith: Pt NineThe Good Fight: Prayer Warrior
Robert SimsMarch 28, 2014Ephesians 6:18; Matthew 6:1384:40 1.6k
The Parable of the SowerThe Parable of the Sower
Robert SimsApril 18, 2014Matthew 13:3; Luke 8:561:12 820+
Proskartereo - Bible Word StudyProskartereo
Robert SimsMarch 13, 2011Acts 2:42; Acts 6:467:39 390+
Keep Alert | The Good Fight of Faith: Pt EightThe Good Fight: Keep Alert
Robert SimsMarch 21, 2014Ephesians 6:18-2060:39 240+